Forensic Image Analysis – Digital Photo Forensics

What is forensic image analysis?

Forensic image analysis is the scientific examination of digital images captured by an image processor. Forensic image analysis can verify the authenticity and integrity of digital images as well as be used for identification and comparison purposes.  Does your image contain anomalies or inconsistencies that have you questioning its authenticity? When digital Images are being used as evidence in the courtroom, it is the job of the forensic expert to determine whether or not these images are original or if they have been manipulated. Digital forensics can uncover various editing techniques to digital images in order to deceive it’s viewer from the actual events as they occurred. Digital images can also be compared through forensic image comparison analysis  with accuracy as well as analyze the pixel content in order to make identifications.

Forensic Image Analysis - Digital Photo Forensics

Primeau Forensics was featured on an episode of Expedition Unknown through The Travel Channel for forensic image analysis.

Forensic Image Authentication

When we begin every image authentication assignment, we first discover the scientific information we need to know about the image in question and guide the legal team accordingly. Simply discovering an altered image is not enough in our opinion. We go the extra mile, using our 31 years as forensic experts to help strategically plan how to disclose the authentication test results collected from the digital forensics investigation.

When cloning, copying, or attempting to manipulate digital images that are scans, or physical copies, quality loss can be visibly observed. These inconsistencies are obvious to a forensic expert. Forensic image analysis involves a scientific analysis which includes a visual analysis, electronic analysis, as well as data analysis. It can be very difficult to analyze the inconsistencies within a digital image because each step of the laundering process doesn’t leave behind  traces of quality loss.

Primeau Forensics can also retrieve your digital images for the forensic image analysis to preserve quality, and authenticate the chain of custody. Obtaining the most original state of your digital images is crucial to the forensic image analysis investigation. We have conducted dozens, if not hundreds, of image authentication assignments, as well as testified in court about our processes that are accepted in the scientific community. We know how to guide the image authentication process by asking the right questions based on the information we discover. Does your image have an established chain of custody? What type of equipment was your image created on?

If you have a video that you question or need help understanding, please give us a call for a pro bono conversation. We apply all forensic expertise to cases in the United States and many countries around the globe. Any and all formats of audio and video accepted. Retainer agreement available on request; travel expenses will be quoted in advance excluding meal expenses and flat rate time for travel instead of hourly.

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Michael Primeau’s Curriculum Vitae has several references which include cases he has testified in as well as clients he has worked for in these cases.

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As a business owner myself, I am aware of the effort it takes to assemble a team of employees that conduct their business as if it were their own, and take pride in how they represent your company to others. As an owner who feels has achieved that status myself, I immediately recognize it in others. I must say that this is not common in the workforce today. From the first contact with your company, through closeout, every one of your employees made this experience a pleasure and acted with the upmost more
Abc Def
20:32 03 Dec 18
Primeau Forensics is a professional, top-flight organization that knows how to access and deliver verifiable forensics information quickly, efficiently and productively. Don't let their cheerful, friendly attitude make you think they are not on top of their game--they are!read more
dan schulte
18:35 12 Dec 18
I received credentials from two technicians, then a third person ended up doing all the work and kept in touch with me by e-mail. I never saw any proof that the work was done and they told me they found nothing. They could not tell me what was making the noise or the lights. A waste of $ more
Teresa Galyon
16:13 13 Dec 18
Excellent work. Primeau took a low light camera recording of vandalism at my home and converted the video to images that we used to identity the vandals. Additionally, Primeau was able to identify characteristics of the vandals car that were used for a positive identification. Services were efficient, timely, and professionalread more
Todd Conte
15:18 27 Aug 18
Ed and his team are great! I took in footage of my boyfriends dog being stolen and they were so willing to take every step possible to enhance the video to retrieve the information we needed. The resolution on our camera/video wasn't great (our fault, not theirs) and they were unable to get the information we needed BUT they guided me in the next steps to take. Thank you guys!!read more
Anita Tela
12:47 23 Oct 17
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