Primeau Forensics identifies the activity, uses forensic science to clarify the activity, and testifies in court on our scientific findings.

We Perform These Types of Investigations:

Audio, Video & Enhancement

Audio & Video Authentication

Image Authentication

Forensic Data Recovery

Image Comparison

Voice Identification

Expert Witness Testimony

30+ Years in Digital Media Forensics

Our trained experts perform audio and video enhancement using forensic techniques that are acceptable in the scientific community. Video enhancement is performed to better see the events as they occurred. Audio enhancement, a scientific process of removing unwanted sound, most often noise. We then increase the wanted sound most often dialogue.

Comparative analysis is performed to identify objects in a photo or video. For example, we can help determine if a video shows a specific person, vehicle or building.

Our Recipe

Identify - Clarify - TestifyWe are patient in helping our clients understand the role of their digitally recorded evidence. This includes the relevancy of the evidence. Our forensic experts also provide pre-trial preparation and expert witness testimony. Therefore, this experience has strengthened Primeau Forensics’ expert witness performance in the court room, for the tier of fact.

Our experts have processed over 5,000 forensic investigations and provided expert testimony in over 500 cases in local, state, and federal courts. Experienced forensic experts can help you decipher the content into meaningful data by providing expert reports that are both easy to understand and court friendly.

In The Media

We have conducted investigations for news outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, The Wall Street Journal. We have appeared on these networks as well to report our findings. We have testified in numerous local, State and Federal courts, as well as testified in cases around the world. Many great videos available for your review on our The Primeau Forensics YouTube Channel.

Law Enforcement and Government Clients

  • The Attorney General New York
  • U.S. State Attorney’s Office (Detroit)
  • FBI
  • Sparks Nevada Police
  • U.S. Department of Justice
  • West Bloomfield Police 
  • Novi Police
  • Detroit Airport Authority
  • Judicial Tenure Commission
  • Hazel Park Police