Video Forensic Expert – The Importance of Continuing Education

Video Forensic Expert - The Importance of Continuing EducationI have been practicing as a video forensic expert for 30 years. I have experienced and observed hundreds of hours, if not days, of security video. I have performed video forensic testing on analogue and digital security systems. I have even forensically examined cell and smart phone video, tablet video and VHS, Hi8 and 8mm, digital 8mm, digital and analogue beta and even ¾” video (which by the way plays from right to left unlike any other analogue video format). I write this introduction not to impress you, but rather express to you that I have been around the block a few times.

However, this week I experienced something new. I took a continuing education class in ‘Digital Video Processing Techniques’ taught by Dorothy Stout of Resolution Video Inc.

On the first day, we were asked to introduce ourselves and say what we expected to learn from the class. When it was my turn, I introduced myself and said ‘I don’t know what I don’t know. That is why I am here, to learn what I don’t know.’

Any forensic expert who thinks they know everything about their expertise is arrogant, especially in video forensics where technology is constantly changing. Dorothy took our class through three days of very interesting lectures about digital video processing techniques, software training and actual security video hands on assignments. Her demeanor and teaching style in the front of the class made these three days very invigorating. Learning was fun and easy thanks to Dorothy’s experience. She is sought out by government agencies, law enforcement and private practice video forensic experts like myself all over the country for video forensic training.

I learned about software programs, work flow, case management and most importantly, had my confidence boosted because I had already known quite a bit about the various video forensic processes that we covered and practiced.

Anyone with a passion for video forensics should consider taking one of Dorothy’s video forensic classes. I learned a lot and enjoyed the experience.

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