Forensic Video Enhancement

As a video forensic expert, we have been trained on the various tools or software programs used for successful forensic video enhancement. At Primeau Forensics, we have a team of video experts that forensically enhanced hundreds of videos. Video recordings that we have enhanced include CCTV Surveillance video recordings, smart phone, body camera and police dash cam video recordings.  One of the most prevalent problems that we have noticed through experience is unstable smart-phone video recordings. The chaotic motion of a cell phone video can make it hard to enhance to better see the events as they occurred.

One of the main problems we experience when enhancing a video recording is poor quality. It is after the fact that we recommend to our client attorneys to replace and upgrade their CCTV cameras in order to record higher quality surveillance recordings. In the meantime, we always do our best when a client asks us to forensically enhance a video recording. Most always the purpose for forensic enhancement is to better see the events as they occurred at the time of recording.

Here are some tips for a successful result. Make sure you have the highest quality export (clone) recording possible. All too often we receive video recordings that have been compressed making the pixels blurry. It is so important to make sure you know how or have an expert help to recover the video recording from the system that created it.

This is the time to establish a chain of custody for the video recording, when it is removed from the system that created in. Another blog post to help you understand chain of custody can be found here:

It is also a best practice to leave the video recording on the digital video recorder that created it. Have a video forensic expert prserve the recording before it is accidentally erased or deleted. That way, if anything goes wrong, you have the original recording still available for forensic enhancement or authentication and analysis.

Call us to discuss your video recording so nothing will interfere with using the video recording as evidence in court.

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