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A forensic transcript is a signed and declared ‘under the pains and penalties of perjury’ document dictating a conversation that occurred in a hard to hear recording. Even after a digital recording has been forensically enhanced, it may be difficult to understand the entire conversation. A forensic transcript is prepared by an Audio Forensic Expert using critical listening skills, the same expertise used for voice identification and speaker recognition. When the enhanced audio recording is played in court, the forensic transcript can be followed so everyone can better understand what is being said. The forensic transcript can also be notarized, which makes the transcript admissible as evidence in the courtroom.  

Each forensic transcript assignment we complete at Primeau Forensics is priced based on the amount of forensic audio enhancement that is required to clarify the audio recording, and time it will take to listen and document the words spoken in the recorded conversation.  Forensic audio enhancement is the process of using various forensic tools and techniques to remove unwanted harmful noise and increase the level and intelligibility of the voices speaking. Background noise includes furnaces, air conditioners, buzzes and hums, traffic and wind, and even noise created by the recording device itself. Once the recording has been enhanced, the forensic expert uses a combination of studio grade speakers, computer speakers, headphones and earbuds to comprehend and transcribe the conversation.

Forensic transcription is not limited to only audio recordings. Primeau Forensics has forensically transcribed video recordings as well. We first capture/transfer the video recording into our forensic computers and extract the audio recorded information. We can then forensically enhance the audio recording as well. Once the audio has been enhanced, we synchronize playback between the enhanced audio and original video recording.  In some cases, the intelligibility of the audio recording may be difficult to follow when reading a forensic transcript, and watching the video evidence provided. In this instance, we can create a work product video that contains the words from the forensic transcript, overlaid on screen as the video evidence plays.

Primeau Forensics enhanced, restored, and transcribed  the Air Force One audio recordings the day John F Kennedy (JFK) was assassinated. This closed captioning technique makes presenting the events clear for a jury to understand, while reviewing  the enhanced audio and video evidence.  See a sample of this video work product below:


If you have a video that you question or need help understanding, please give us a call for a pro bono conversation. We apply all forensic expertise to cases in the United States and many countries around the globe. Any and all formats of audio and video accepted. Retainer agreement available on request; travel expenses will be quoted in advance excluding meal expenses and flat rate time for travel instead of hourly.

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