Primeau Forensics’ analysts and experts perform audio video and image forensic analysis. We exist to find the truth by helping solve investigations efficiently. Primeau Forensics experts help their clients understand the role their media evidence plays in court as well in their investigation. We have testified in numerous local, State and Federal courts, as well as testified in cases around the world. In short, Primeau Forensics identifies the activity, clarifies the activity forensically, and testifies on their scientific findings. Identify which means to establish the scope, needs, wants and concerns of the client to help guide them to an understanding of what role the evidence plays in their case. Clarify; during the clarification process, we enhance or authenticate depending on what the evidence and the case is about. Testify; bringing the forensic investigation into the court so the trier of fact can understand or make determinations about the investigation in a simple way.


More often than not, audio and video evidence is not clear enough to accurately hear and view the events as they occurred. This is where an audio and video forensic expert can help. By enhancing the evidence, the forensic expert can help the court better see and hear the original events as they occurred.

Identify Clarify Testify


With today’s advanced audio and video editing software being readily available, it is becoming easier and easier to edit or tamper with forensic evidence. Establishing the authenticity of audio or video is extremely important when presenting admissible evidence to the court. Primeau Forensic’s examiners continue their education yearly in both audio and video forensics.

Identify Clarify Testify


A forensic transcript is prepared by an Audio Forensic Expert using critical listening skills. When the enhanced audio recording is played in court, the forensic transcript can be followed so members of the courtroom can better understand what is being said.

Identify Clarify Testify